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Bridget Edwards

Bridget Edwards


I consider myself a Change Specialist Practitioner rather than a therapist or counsellor.  In truth, I specialise in facilitating positive change.  I work with clients of all walks of life, facilitating the release of their emotional trauma and negative experiences.  I use highly effective processes to bring about positive results naturally. Client obstacles have included, but not been limited to, Anger and Stress Management, Grief and Loss, Trauma, Panic and Anxiety, Fears and Phobias etc.

As a counsellor, therapist and Hospice Caregiver, I have naturally drawn upon my personal life experiences too. This innate wisdom has amplified my understanding to help clients in an empathetic yet goal oriented manner.  I believe some skills simply cannot be learnt out of a textbook: an experiential understanding is the only effective approach particularly when it comes to deeply sensitive matters like Grief and Loss, Trauma, Anger and Depression.  With this innate wisdom and understanding I create and hold the space for clients so they are able to find solutions, and thus heal themselves quite naturally and spontaneously.

The effective techniques I employ achieve profound, long lasting results with relative ease and efficiency.  Most often within a remarkably short time frame – some times within minutes, instead of months or years of therapy.  These profound, practical techniques are shared here and form an integral part of the ‘Anger Gone!’ program’s workbook.  The program encapsulates my experience and expertise in a user friendly but systematic manner, making self help attainable and also highly beneficial.

I am currently based in Johannesburg, South Africa.  Aside from my work, I have had the privilege to travel extensively.  My favourite, life changing adventures have been in East Africa, India and while walking the Camino Francés across northern Spain.  I love all that is simple and natural; the outdoors and calls of the wild, vegetarian food, meditation, walking barefoot in beautiful, peaceful surroundings, and of course natural, authentic and sustainable systems of health and well being.

I trust the requisite tools provided in this  ‘Anger Gone!’ program will be most beneficial to you, and in all aspects of your life.


Yours in Health and Well being.


Bridget Edwards