There is a SOLUTION ~ ANGER can be resolved

Achieve results using highly effective techniques.
Be Free NOW from the destructive clutches of Anger!

Is anger affecting you, your relationships, work or health?

Do you perhaps react like this?

  • Have regular outbursts
  • Fly off the handle easily
  • Explode with anger or rage
  • Feel revengeful
  • Boil or burn with anger
  • Feel threatened, helpless or out of control
  • Attack the ones you love and care about
  • Have road rage
  • Avoid conflict for fear of consequences
  • Easily annoyed, frustrated and irritated
  • Blow things out of proportion
  • Feel depressed easily
  • Withdraw from people or act politely even if you're fuming inside

Get your copy of Anger Gone! How to easily defeat Anger

Anger Gone! How to easily defeat Anger. (Self Help Program and Guide)

'Anger Gone! How to easily defeat Anger' is an easy to use, practical Self Help program complete with techniques, workbook and audios all designed for maximum benefit. Be assisted in the most effective manner to dismantle and overcome the destructive clutches of anger, angry outbursts, rage and stress or trauma related anger issues. This program will help you gain personal insights and understanding, and achieve great results way beyond what you thought was possible ...

Work at your own pace

In the comfort of your home

Save time and money in costly therapy sessions

Achieve rapid, long lasting results quickly
and effectively!  And, also gain ...

  • Peace of Mind
  • Relaxation and a sense of Inner calm
  • Self control
  • Personal Empowerment
  • Improved Self confidence and Self esteem
  • Emotional freedom from anger, rage, disappointment, guilt, revenge, regret, remorse, resentment, disgust, depression, a lack of self forgiveness, stress and many other negative and taxing emotions too
  • And, also receive empowering tools to assist in everyday situations

... Invest in yourself because you are worth it!!

Exercises, Tips and TECHNIQUES included
Anger Gone! Self Help program

'Anger Gone! How to easily defeat Anger', a Self Help program, is packed with easy to use, practical information, exercises, tips, techniques, and a workbook all designed and integrated to track your progress and successes.

  • 8 simple exercises to immediately employ in everyday conflict situations, restoring calm and relaxation. With a calm head, rational and appropriate decisions can be made.
  • 40+ practical stress release strategies, including methods to alleviate or neutralise stress. Stress undoubtedly contributes towards anger, and is most often the precursor.
  • Workbook with record sheets are also included to track your progress and successes.
  • Best of all, access to a highly acclaimed and successful International audio technique that easily facilitates and naturally dismantles anger related issues, often within minutes instead of weeks and months of expensive therapy. The results achieved with this audio process have been astounding. With the Anger Gone! program, you'll gain access to this *FREE* download.

100% Money Back Guarantee!

More Benefits you can Achieve...

'Anger Gone! How to easily defeat Anger', a beneficial Self Help program is packed with exceptional information on how to successfully deal with anger related issues. Created by an experienced counselor and former hospice caregiver, who specialises in anger management issues, Anger Gone! provides in-depth knowledge and understanding of this often misunderstood and highly provocative emotional realm.

  • Using the audio process and workbook provided, dismantle and neutralise past anger and stressful experiences quickly.
  • Let go of debilitating and destructive emotions such as anger, stress, disappointment, guilt, regret, fear, humiliation, remorse, resentment, disgust,revenge, rage and a lack of self forgiveness etc.
  • Gain insights and personal freedom from the clutches of anger, old hurts or wounds that may have contributed towards insecurities, fears, stress and trauma.
  • Regain self control, confidence, peace of mind, relaxation, and personal empowerment.
  • Receive empowering techniques and tools that can also help to address potential emotional issues or future situations too.
  • Results achieved by using this audio process and workbook are more often than not highly effective, rapid, and long lasting especially when compared with weeks or months of conventional costly therapy sessions.

Get your copy of Anger Gone! How to easily defeat Anger

Anger Gone! How to easily defeat Anger. (Self Help Program and Guide)

A sneak preview of some program topics covered ... additional benefits contained within Anger Gone!

  • Anger a natural and normal emotion that is most often misunderstood, and the warning signs also ignored
  • Gain an understanding of the root cause of your own anger
  • Discover more than 25 factors that can make people justifiably angry
  • Difference between Aggressive versus Passive anger is explored
  • Rage, and how this is different from anger
  • Understanding Trauma and the Stages of Loss, and why anger is one of the major stages within this cycle. This empowering knowledge alone is truly beneficial for most people affected by anger and trauma
  • Discover the multiple gifts of anger, including the impetus of motivation and passion, as not all anger is negative
  • Identify and understand how stress and anger are interwoven - stress is often the precursor, and major contributor of anger
  • Methods to alleviate unnecessary stress and stressful situations
  • The role of anger, the conscious and subconscious mind
  • Health reasons to resolve and release anger
  • Learn how to easily dismantle and release yourself from the clutches of anger
  • Access several simple and 'easy-to-use' techniques for day to day conflict situations
  • Also, included is an 'easy-to-use' workbook with record sheets to help uncover, and resolve your anger related issues.

Get your copy of Anger Gone! How to easily defeat Anger

Anger Gone! How to easily defeat Anger. (Self Help Program and Guide)

I trust you will receive great benefits from this self help program I developed with you in mind. Anger need not be your worst enemy, but your greatest friend and a valuable teacher having your best interests at heart. Anger can be rather persuasive in its attempt to guide you in a particular direction for a better quality lifestyle.

Perhaps now is the appropriate time to be open to this inner journey, and through self exploration, you never know what gems are hidden inside you just waiting to be uncovered. The most beautiful diamonds are created at high temperatures, and under great pressure too. Sa-lute ... to your personal success and growth!!

Yours in emotional health and well being ... go get 'em!

Bridget Edwards

Counselor, Hospice Caregiver and Author

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